Facts about Punching Bags

Punching Overview on history

Well, punching bags were included in the training session in most of the martial art in the past. If we talk about the evolution of punching bag in Asian martial art history, for sticking there was a padded surface attached to mookjong (a wooden dummy uses by Chinese martial artist).Further, Karate and taekwondo etc had also included punching bag in their training. Because it developed many of the punching and sticking technique, it is the favorite of the martial art player.

punching bags 1Bottom Line: Almost every martial art in the world had included punching bag, which may different from today’s punching bags.

Types of punching bags

Previously, there were very less categories of punching bag in the market including free standing and hanging punching bags. But, as time is growing and lots of new technology is bursting day by day, there are many types of punching bags in the market. Air filled, small bag which is use for enhancing as well as the coordination between eye and hand, they are known as speed bag. There are also portable speed bag, you can carry anywhere since it is small and air filled too. A heavy bag is of two type free standing and hanging punching bag, which is all time favorite of any martial artist. It not only increases the power but also it improves footwork. Upper cut bag, angle bag, wall bag or a dummy punching bag is also the kind of bag which is ideal for practicing alone. Get difference between hanging and free standing heavy bag online at : https://smartmma.com/hanging-vs-free-standing-heavy-bag/


As we know heavy bags are filled with dance pebble, grain dust or sand, so it can give injury during practice. One can use proper gloves as well as guards for avoiding injury during practice. It is recommended to the adult athletes, not to hit more aggressively because it can hamper ones spinal code and arms lock. So when you are sticking on the punching bag, you should be more conscious and focused towards the punching bag.